Starting CGMA Online Art Classes

I started taking classes at CGMA earlier this year. I’ve been eyeballing start these for a couple years now, but couldn’t find the time or energy to commit to a professional level art program. Thanks to COVID, this year I have all the time in the world and nothing else productive to do.

My plan is to complete their Foundation & Design Track, which will take just under 2 years, then move on to one of their more advanced programs. Not sure which yet. Their 2D Environment Design track looks great, but so does the Visual Storytelling & IP Development track. Cross that bridge when I get there I suppose.

As of writing this, I’ve completed two terms, which is 4 classes – Dynamic Sketching 1, Dynamic Sketching 2, Perspective, and Analytical Figure Drawing. I’ll write up some recaps of these courses, along with some assignments I completed. Moving forward, I’ll post more. Maybe my weekly assignments, maybe just a class recap at the end of the 8 weeks. We’ll see.